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2017 Summit

This year's Summit Event is all new! Check out the details on the Heroic Youth website! You don't want to miss this one!

Heroic Youth Kick-Off for 2017

dsc05237We are excited to invite you to our Heroic Youth Kick-Off for 2017! This event is for all youth who would like to apply to be youth leaders at our Heroic Youth events this year. Board members and their families are also invited.

There is no charge but we do need to have you register so we can plan for the correct number of attendees.

Come to learn about the events that will be held for Heroic Youth this year, meet your new Royal Master Knight and Crowned Princess, and get information for trainings and applications!

It will be held on February 4th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at the Riverton Community Center at 12830 S Redwood Rd. We can’t wait to see you there!


Family Activities – Important Changes

Dear Summit Families,

One of the fun parts of Summit every year is our family activities. This is a chance for the younger siblings of the Knights to come and take part in the fun! This year, things will be just a little different so please save this information for future reference.


The activities will start at 1:30 pm on Saturday, September 10th. You are welcome to arrive anytime from then on. Please park in the upper parking lot (map below) and you’ll see the activities area just west of the top of the amphitheater. There will be an opening round table at 2:30 for all the families with the King and Queen and we can’t wait to see you! We’ll visit with the children and share information with the parents that will help you have the best experience possible. Please plan to attend that round table.

Special Visitors

After the round table we are excited to announce that Princess Quiana, the Crown Princess over Virtue Summit will be teaching a little princess class to the girls. Also, all the Master Knights will be coming to play and have fun with the children.


We encourage you to dress up and get into the spirit of the day. The children will be putting on a parade for you, and they love to see their parents dressed up, too.


There are many activities and games that are free but some crafts do require a small fee from $.50 to $2.00. Please bring cash if you wish to participate in those activities.

The Battle

The battle will begin at around 5:30 pm and the closing ceremonies will start at around 6:30 pm. Please be cheerfully flexible as simulations don’t always come down to the minute. We strive to be time conscious but there needs to be a little leeway in either direction. It is very important to keep everyone, especially small children, off the actual battlefield. We will have upward of 400 people in the battle and their movements aren’t always predictable. We don’t want anyone to be trampled or injured and therefore we are very strict about staying off the field.

NOTE: The battle will be different for the families this year, so please remember to attend the round table at 2:30 pm to learn all about it.

Cheering for the Boys

After the battle, we urge all the families to line the sidewalks and cheer for the boys as they parade home from battle. The boys really love this!

Closing Ceremonies and Picnic

After the closing ceremonies, we invite you to bring and enjoy a picnic and some casual sword fighting and visiting in the park. We will end at 7:30 pm.

Thank you for all your support and for participating in Summit!

Sincerely, Queen Emily


Important Details for All Summit Families

Summit is only four weeks away! We are working hard here in Terra Libre, as we prepare for knighthood training. It’s an exciting time! We look forward to the day we get to see the young knights coming to learn about virtues and courage! Here are some important details you need to know. Please read to the end!

Preparing for Success
In order for your knight to have the best experience possible, please help him to prepare by doing the following things
– Be physically active. Summit is a very physical experience. Help your son be ready by encouraging him to be active every day from here to the day of his training.
– Learn about Courage. Please share with him some of your thoughts and favorite stories about what it means to be steadfast.
– Get enough sleep. We have a saying that goes like this: There’s tired, and then there’s Summit-tired. Help your son to get a good night’s sleep before he comes so he is ready to go, go, go!
– Eat a real breakfast. Cereal will not cut it when you are training to be a knight!

Your Knight’s Camp Assignment 

The camp assignments have been made and your knight will receive a letter from his Master Knight, welcoming him to training and telling him the color of his camp, sometime in the next two weeks. Please understand that not all letters will go out on the same day and encourage your knight to be patient as possible. If you have not received a welcome letter by August 27th, please contact me and we will make sure that happens.

Location and Directions
Terra Libre’s location is at the American Fork Amphitheater directly across the street from the Mount Timpanogos Temple. The address is 851 E 700 N, American Fork Utah.
It is easiest to get there by taking I-15 to exit 275 (American Fork Main). Head east and stay on that street as it turns into State Street. Turn left onto 1100 E. Turn left onto 700 North (the Temple is on the corner). Pass the temple and pass 900 east then take the next right into the Amphitheater grounds.

Arrival and Pick-Up
All knights must arrive between 9:30 and 9:50 am on both days of Summit. You will check them in at our Check-in/Information desk then they will be escorted to their camps. Pick up on Friday is at 5:15 pm (please note we’ve added 15 minutes to the end of the day). Pick up on Saturday is listed below.

What to bring
Each knight needs to come prepared with good walking shoes, comfortable clothing appropriate to all weather possibilities and a sack lunch for both days. All personal belongings MUST be labeled with name.
If you have summit-style swords in good condition that you are willing to loan for our final battle, please label them clearly with your name and a number/total. For example Clawson 1/275, or Clawson 10/275. This helps us to that you are loaning swords and also to be sure we have all of them back.
Also, we will have some beautiful posters for sale this year that feature the Hero’s Creed and the Seven Standards of Terra Libre. If you are interested in purchasing these for your home, please bring cash.

NOTE ON WATER BOTTLES: We are excited to announce that each boy attending Summit this year will receive a reusable Heroic Youth water bottle. They are being donated by a generous Summit family – Marty McKay with Integra Realty. You can find details about Marty’s awesome business at He’s an amazing realtor and a great supporter of Heroic Youth. Thanks McKay family!

When you drop off or pick up your son, you will be able to park in the lower parking lot (the first one you’ll come to by entering from 700 N). Parking in this lot is restricted to 15 minutes. All other parking will be at the upper lot. Signs will direct you. All parking during Saturday’s festivities will be in the upper parking lot. Follow the signs and help us to make this run smoothly by “performing with exactness” (point 3 of the Hero’s Creed).

Saturday’s Festivities
On Saturday all villains must arrive by 10am. Family activities begin at 2pm with an important Round Table with the King and Queen at 2:30 pm. Please make sure to join us for this round table so you can learn about the important involvement the families will have this year in making the final battle the best it can be! The final battle will be at approximately 5:30pm (give or take 30 minutes) and will be followed by the closing ceremonies and then a family picnic.
– Family Activities: This is a great time to get your younger children involved in the fun of Summit. We will have games, crafts, storytelling, etc. for your children to enjoy. Some activities and crafts have a small fee involved ($1-$2) but there are also free things to do. Please understand that there is NO PLAYGROUND at this new facility. If your children will not be engaged and happy for all three hours of the Family Activities, you may want to visit Evergreen Park, which is just a few blocks south of the amphitheater. Also, a note, please watch your children closely. This beautiful facility features uneven grounds.
– Final Battle: There will be a viewing area designated for families to watch the battle. We will have the great pleasure of holding a battle amongst ancient trees (something the boys are absolutely going to LOVE). This may mean that you will not be able to see the whole battle at all times. Please be understanding and patient. Please do NOT move beyond the area designated for your safety. The tides of battle can turn very quickly and 500 fighters can quickly trample someone who is not aware of them. Remain in the safety zone.
– Closing Ceremonies: This is such a great opportunity to CHEER for your knights! They have worked and trained hard by the end of the two days. It is wonderful to see their families cheering them on! Please sit in designated areas (the sides of the amphitheater). There is plenty of seating for everyone at our new location!
– Family Picnic: after the closing ceremonies, the boys will return to their camps to turn in their tabards, collect their personal belongings, and get to say goodbye to their Master Knights. Please wait for them in the amphitheater or the large field directly to the south of the amphitheater. That is where they will come to find you. You are welcome to bring a picnic and stay to visit, swordfight, and enjoy the beauty of Terra Libre.

Thank you for your attention to these details. As we all work together and follow the guidelines laid out here, we will have a wonderful, successful year.
Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Queen Emily


Are you still waiting to regiser

Summit is just around the corner.

Mastering Knighthood has been inspiring young knights for over a decade but what does that look like for your little knight? It may seem like summer just started but Summit is just around the corner and registration will be closing this month. If you still need more information about why your knight should come, here are just a few reasons:

First – he will come face to face with real heroes who make him want to be better now. Our Master Knights are stellar young men who are living the Hero’s Creed to the fullest and they will be the mentors your knight will look up to.


Second – Your knight will become part of a brotherhood with other knights in training. What a great place to make good friends who are all striving to be warriors for truth and right!


Third – Power! Want to help your little knight stand up for himself in troubling situations? Or be bold enough to speak out when something is wrong? Our theme this year is COURAGE, and we won’t just talk about it, we will LIVE it!


Certainly not last – FUN!! This is the most fun your boys could have! Send their dad and older to be villains in our final battle, bring your little ones to our family activities, volunteer with us – there are so many ways to make this a weekend of family adventure and fun!


These are just a few of the many reasons you should send your little guy to Mastering Knighthood Summit! Registration only has a few more weeks open. Don’t keep waiting! Register today!
EVENT DETAILS: Mastering Knighthood Summit is a two-day simulation for boys ages 8-12 to experience what it means to be a hero. It will be held on September 9th and 10th at the American Fork Amphitheater.

Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page to receive photos and live updates during Summit as well as great information all year!



2015 Summit Video

This awesome video was filmed by Lara Beckstrand and compiled by one of our own Master Knights, Sir Luke Beckstrand. Enjoy!


2016 Mastering Knighthood Dates


These are all the upcoming training and event dates and locations for Mastering Knighthood Summit.

      • July 23 Mastering Knight and Squire Training – Master Knights from 9:15am to 5pm. Squires from 3pm to 5pm. At the Clawson home at 3418 W 5735 S, Taylorsville, UT, 84129.
      • July 30 All Knights Summit Youth Leaders Training – all youth leaders including camp leaders, cast members, guardians, etc. URGENT – CHANGE OF LOCATION! We will now be meeting at the bowery of the LDS stake center on 3045 W Bernina Dr, Taylorsville. (scroll down for directions)
      • August 12 Master Knight and Squire Pool Party – all Master Knights and Squires. 5pm to 9pm. Location TBA.
      • August 13 and 27 General Trainings – All volunteers, youth or adult. Includes all youth villains (adult villains do NOT need to attend trainings but are always welcome). 10am to 2pm at Pheasant Brook Park in Lindon (scroll down for directions).
      • September 2 Possible Guardians Training – (more details TBA)
      • September 2-3 Master Knight Retreat – Heber Valley Camp. More details TBA.
      • September 7 Quest Walkthrough (MKs, Squires, Asst Matrons, Matrons, Sergeants, Quest Volunteers, Board Members) – 6:30pm to 9:30pm – American Fork Amphitheater.
      • September 7 loading – if available please contact Brandi Palmer for more details.
      • September 8 Set Up – contact King Richard or Queen Emily for more details.
      • September 9-10 SUMMIT! American Fork Amphitheater
      • September 17 Debrief – location and time TBA


Directions to LDS Stake Center at 3045 W Bernina Drive, Taylorsville, UT

  • Take I-15 to exit 300 (5300 S) and head west
  • Turn south on 3200 S
  • Turn east on Bernina Drive
  • Building is on the right

Directions to Pheasant Brook Park, location of the August 13th and 27th trainings:
Heading South on I-15
• Use the right lane to take exit 273 for 1600 N toward Lindon/UT-241
• Turn right onto W 1600 N/W 600 S
• Turn right onto S Geneva Rd
• Turn right onto W Center St
• Turn left onto N 800 W
Destination will be on the left

• Pheasant Brook Park, 400 North 800 West, Lindon, UT 84042
Pavilion #1, near the restrooms and parking lot
Heading North on I-15
• Use the right lane to take exit 273 for 1600 N toward Lindon/UT-241
• Turn left onto W 1600 N/W 600 S
• Turn right onto S Geneva Rd
• Turn right onto W Center St
• Turn left onto N 800 W
Destination will be on the left

• Pheasant Brook Park, 400 North 800 West, Lindon, UT 84042
Pavilion #1, near the restrooms and parking lot


New location for the Kick Off!

Please help us spread the word. Our kick off is this Saturday, January 9th from 5-9pm. The location has changed to 6030 S Prairie View Dr (3510 W) in Taylorsville, UT. Please share this with anyone you think might be interested. You can sign up by filling out the form below.

caden and jacob


Calling All Youth Leaders!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The location for our kick off has changed. Please come to the LDS Church Bldg at 6030 S Prairie View Dr (3510 W) in Taylorsville for the kick-off.

This is the time everyone looks forward to; it’s the start of a new year and a new theme with Heroic Youth!

All youth, ages 13-19, who desire to participate as youth leaders this year at either Crowned with Virtue Summit or Mastering Knighthood Summit are invited to attend. You won’t want to miss this event where the new Royal Master Knight and Crown Princess will be announced!

The Youth Leader Kick-Off will be held on January 9th from 5-9pm. See location above.

In order to attend, please fill out the form below so we can have a solid count. We can’t wait to see you all again!
caden and jacob


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